The Sole Dispositor

 A sole dispositor in a horoscope is the sign of the self-made person: one who stands apart from family and social milieu and has achieved something quite different from what you might expect from knowing his or her background and upbringing. 

 A sole dispositor occurs in a horoscope when one - and only one - planet lies in its ruling sign; and all the other planets lie in signs which, by a series of removes in rulership (disposition), work back to that ruling planet.  For example, in the horoscope of Charlie Chaplin, we have the following planetary positions:  Sun/Aries; Moon/Scorpio; Mercury/Aries; Venus/Taurus; Mars/Taurus; Jupiter/Capricorn; Saturn/Leo; Uranus/Libra;
Neptune/Gemini; Pluto/Gemini.

 Here Venus is the sole dispositor because it is in its own sign; Venus disposes of Mars and Uranus (since they are in signs ruled by Venus); in the same way, Mars disposes of the sun, Moon, and Mercury; the sun disposes of Saturn; Saturn disposes of Jupiter; and Mercury disposes of Neptune and Pluto. Thus all planets, by a series of dispositions, work back to Venus.

 In a sense we can say that all the other planets bow down to the sole dispositor; and indeed it is often the case that natives who have a sole dispositor expect other people to bow down to them.  They have a way of turning deadly earnest in order to structure a social situation on their own terms. They might say something like, "All kidding aside, let's cut across and get down to brass tacks." What this means is, "Let's do it my way."  These natives have an inflated sense of personal dignity which cannot take derision: to poke fun at them is to stab them in their very bowels. Yet their staunchly individualistic slant on life and highly original point of view insure that they will be taken seriously.

 Usually sole dispositor natives find their early years frustrating and unfulfilling.  If you have a sole dispositor, you are functionally incapable of adjusting yourself to the demands of the people around you, and instead you expect them to adjust to you. You are the proverbial round peg in a square hole.  Because you cannot fit yourself into the established mold, you compensate by nurturing dreams of a grander destiny than what you view as the pedestrian concerns of your associates. You cannot accept the values and choices that you find being made for your life by your family, society, and peers; you find no repose in what everyone else is taking for granted.  You are often torn with self-doubt, and from an early age are forced to rely upon your own inner resources for satisfaction rather than on the support and rewards which accrue by obeying the rules. You become feisty, pugnacious, and easily frustrated – an emotionally distant and detached person who answers to no one but yourself and who brooks no interference in your life. If the horoscope is otherwise afflicted, the lack of understanding and positive feedback received from your environment in your youth may cause you to carry a residue of bitterness into adulthood.

 It is with maturity that you come into full possession of your powers, with the realization that you can become the author of your own rules.  By this point you have developed an unflinching determination which approaches bullheadedness: a singleness of purpose or point of view, a self-obsession which is untrammeled by the considerations (such as appearances, security, or conventional morality) that inhibit other people.  You become a law unto yourself. There can be a tyrannical or absolutist streak, but at the same time a fearless and uncompromising integrity, conscientiousness, and diligence.

 It is rare to find a sole dispositor native who is really at peace.  There is usually a driving ambition or need for vindication, and an intolerance for any sort of stricture.  The people who know you tend to see you as being alternately a bastion of moral courage and a petty dictator. 

 Although you feel like a lone wolf, you nonetheless make constant demands on the attention and attentiveness of other people. You love to teach or lecture in order to keep the focus of attention on yourself.  You have a strong need to feel in control of things, a step or two ahead of everyone else. And while there might be a simplistic, good-versus-evil or us-versus-them taint to your worldview, your vision of life does tend to be broader or more idealistic than that of your fellows.  Moreover you’re quite ready to fight and die for your beliefs. There is a nobility of character and a sense of command about you – a uniqueness or genius all your own which compels the genuine respect (if not subservience) of other people.

 Sun sole dispositor is the most candid and artless of the sole dispositor types – and therefore perhaps the subtlest.  You have a childlike desire to shine in the world, together with a childish exhibitionism and an inclination to tantrums when you feel neglected.  In other words, with this dispositor you possess all the characteristics of Leo in exaggerated form:  the regal, lofty pride together with the paper-thin ego which is so easily scratched and hurt.  You succeed by projecting a naïve innocence which arouses the protective instincts of other people, and disposes them to indulge or overlook your overblown vanity and flagrant egotism. Your moves and power plays are so blatantly obvious and unabashedly theatrical that no one really feels threatened by them, and hence no one seriously opposes them.  You win people over with a hearty sense of amusement with both life and yourself, and with a spirited joie de vivre.

 Moon sole dispositor occurs rarely; and I have seen so few examples of it in my practice that I would not care to hazard a guess as to its meaning. Some examples are: Julian Huxley, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Liza Minelli, and Igor Stravinsky.

 Mercury sole dispositor is the most amiable of the sole dispositor types; the one most involved in group ventures.  Outgoing and friendly, you make a point of keeping things calm and sociable.  In fact, you can carry your imperturbability to maddening lengths.  You are a good listener, giving other people your full attention and concern, and smoothing out any differences of opinion.  Yet you always maintain your space and distance, and you have a knack for getting on a personal basis with people without actually becoming intimate or committed. You depend for much of your success on other people’s good faith and tractability, relying upon your patient reasonableness to sway them. You present yourself as the impartial expert or arbiter, one who has no emotional stake in the proceedings but merely wishes to see things carried out in good order – i.e., your way.  You win people over with your dry sense of humor and radiant good cheer.

 Venus sole dispositor is the most overtly compliant and conciliatory of the sole dispositor types. You are kindly and solicitous for the feelings of other people without letting yourself become too involved with them. You shy away from any sort of disharmony or fuss, and thus can be amicable without being intimate, and sympathetic without being warm. You cut yourself off from the emotional ties which produce ups and downs in other people, yet you have a dark, brooding side intrinsic to your own nature which often sucks other people into your moods.  You succeed by maintaining your own equilibrium in the face of disharmony, by refusing to be drawn into conflicts which dissipate your energy.  You emerge from strife as fresh as a daisy, having worn everyone else down to a frazzle.  Yet you have a pleasant, unruffled disposition and a cool serenity which wins the respect of all the people around you.

 Mars sole dispositor is the most intense of the sole dispositor types. Although you possess great personal charm and elan, you have an overriding need to feel in the right and have the final word. You thrive on contention and throw down your gauntlet at the slightest provocation. You can muster a formidable array of justifications and rationalizations, Talmudic in their intricacy and Koranic in their inflexibility, to meet any argument or plea.  You depend for your success on the inertia of others, gladly taking up responsibilities which they drop or avoid, and thereby augmenting your own power. You don’t shrink from tasks which are dirty, dangerous, or dull, so long as you can execute them without interference or the need for compromise. You manage to avoid seriously antagonizing people – and indeed, win their indulgence if not their support – with your quixotic optimism, youthful cockiness, and readiness to tackle anything.

 Jupiter sole dispositor is the most humanitarian of the sole-dispositor types, the most concerned with people en masse and with standards of fairness and abstract justice.  Because you tend to see yourself as a victim, you assume the role of protector and defender of the helpless and oppressed, a bulwark of rectitude in a world without conscience, a mother hen in a world full of hawks. You succeed by identifying feelings and concerns with the moral right, thereby expanding your power by defending an ethical principle, and pursuing personal interests under a rubric of disinterestedness.  Although you are self-effacing and mild of manner, you are far, far from being humble; and when aroused you can be as tough and adamant as any sole dispositor type. You win people over with your high idealism, ingratiating manner, and true sincerity.

 Saturn sole dispositor is the shrewdest, most calculating of the sole dispositor types.  You carry out your empire-building in the most deliberate, step-by-step fashion, and yet caution has no part in your make-up. You possess an uncompromising dignity and a stone-faced determination which hardens as the odds mount against you. You have nerves of iron and a calm, unhurried manner in situations where most people would be biting nails.  You take a rather cynical view of human nature, and uphold a strong sense of personal competence and superiority.  You depend for success on the confusion of other people:  you know you can wait them out, or else exploit their doubts and hesitation with a rapid, bold stroke. Your greatest asset is your pride in your own fitness and complete self-dedication to everything you do. 

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